Thursday, December 29, 2011


...can you trust him with your secret?...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Drew this for my niece for Christmas

My niece requested a drawing of her dog, Abbie Tail.
I decided to do it in Anime style.

She like it!

Build and Color

Kick Buttowski show: BG Pencil by unknown artist
I built and colored in Adobe Illustrator

Dilapidated Cotton Candy shop in the abandoned Theme Park

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Little Pony, Cleanup and Color

All the amazing Character sketches are by none other than the uber talented Lauren Faust.
Color Finished/Cleaned up by yours truly.  All images are copyrighted.

This is the first version of Princess Celestia
The revised version
Revised version cleaned up and colored. I'm proud to say, I was allowed to have creative freedom on her colors.

The awesome Shaman sketch above by Lauren Faust, cleanup and color by me.

BG designs by the amazingly talented Dave Dunnet
Cleanup by me

Carousel Couture
Apple Orchard

Canterlot Castle Interior


Pound Puppies Design Ideas

My designed weren't used, but here are some of them that were submitted for the puppies on Pound Puppies.
(copyright©2010, Janice Kubo)

The adults were designed by my awesome friend Martin Ansolabehere, the puppies near the bottom were designed and colored by me.
They wanted ideas for their underground secret lair, don't think much of it was used but here are my designs.

Cleveland Show, Ep 222 Comic Con

Cleveland Show went to Comic Con! All images are copyrighted.

Fun Comic Con Characters I colored:

These 2 below are of Cleveland and Donna in their teen years

Cleveland Show, Ep 218 Home Scenes

Color work for Episode 218