Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm taking a class called "Animal Character Design" with David Coleman, he's AWESOME! I'm really trying hard to push myself towards a looser style, and much less realistic that I'm used to. We were drawing Rhinos in class and I was trying to get different styles and feelings.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Janice. Your blog looks gr8! I see what U mean about combining character design w/ animal anatomy. Great start! The mural @ the bottom is unbeleivable. Can't wait 2 see what's next.

Netliquid said...

Nice Drawings Janice good to see your still doing art. I just started back at doing art for relaxation. I added you to my links list.

Janice Kubo said...

Thanks Eric and Richard,

Hey it's good to see you guys are still doing art too! Keep it up! :-)

Larissa Marantz said...

These are fresh, Janice.
Where's this class at? Would love to take a class like that.... oh wait, I have no time... that's right. Some day. Really cool stuff you're posting!