Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Scenic background

OK, I tried posting this before and it was turning out really weird, finally figured out that the file was saved as a cmyk instead of rgb, and that's what was causing the crazy psychadellic colors. I did this piece for a friend who wanted a cool BG for her pins. I put up the sketch version and the final with the Pins super inposed. The pins are supposed to be major collectors items, each costing approx $25+. She plans on selling these prints of these backgrounds and having customers mount their own collector's pins on them.


Taesoo Kim said...

Hi Janice. It's awesome to hear from you. So you are at CN. Good. I've been doing freelance and my own stuff for awhile. But I'll be soon doing a pilot show for Nick. My friends and I, we've been pitching for last 4 years. It was tough. We showed to every studios in SoCal. CN had interest for 2 years and passed. Nick finally said yes, after how many times we knocked. Keep in touch and I'll be back. Ciao!

Janice Kubo said...

Hi TaeSoo!

Congrats on the pilot!!! It takes forever to get these Studios to bite the bait! I'm glad you're still at it! Persistence, perseverance and being a pain in the butt to them is key! lol Do you know/remember Mike Williams? He's doing a short for Nick, so maybe you'll be bumping into eachother.