Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Here's an attempt at watercolor in many YEARs... I painted this Hibiscus that was right outside the window at the Guesthouse we stayed in Oahu. I gave this piece as a gift the the Host family.


Justin Ridge said...


Marcos said...


( Those flower species are know as "mimo-de-vĂȘnus" here in Brazil... actually, my granfather´s home entrance had an alley with them )

Janice Kubo said...

Thank you,

That must be a lovely sight to have an alley full of these! I had never seen pink ones before, so I just had to paint them.

Marcos said...

There are pink, ( very )dark red, yellow( from golden-ish to very pale ), even white ones, as many others - as those flower plants can be crossed with others from the same species( but I don´t know how it is spell in English, sorry )by cut and tying, the variations are very wide, eitehr by color, shape or size... !